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Tank truck hoses are specially designed hoses used for the safe and efficient transfer of petroleum-based products, chemicals, and other hazardous materials from tank trucks or trailers to storage facilities or other destinations. These hoses are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

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Key Features:
Durable Construction: Tank truck hoses are constructed from a combination of synthetic rubber and reinforcement materials. This construction ensures the hoses can withstand high pressure, rough handling, and extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for the demanding environments of the oil and gas industry.

Flexibility and Bendability: Tank truck hoses have excellent flexibility, allowing easy maneuverability even in tight spaces. They are designed to withstand repeated bending without kinking, ensuring continuous flow and reducing the risk of product contamination.
Resistance to Abrasion and Chemicals: The inner and outer surfaces of the tank truck hoses are engineered to be resistant to abrasion and chemicals, ensuring a safe and reliable transfer of hazardous materials. This resistance enables the hoses to handle a wide range of liquids, including petrol, diesel, oil, acids, and alkalis.

Leak Prevention: Tank truck hoses are designed with tight-fitting couplings and connections to prevent leaks and spills during transfer operations. These secure fittings ensure an efficient and safe transfer, reducing the risk of environmental contamination and maximizing productivity.
Temperature Resistance: Tank truck hoses are engineered to handle a wide range of temperature fluctuations, enabling the transportation of products in both hot and cold weather conditions. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -35°C to +80°C , ensuring reliable performance in various climates.

Tank truck hoses find applications in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction, and agriculture. They are primarily used for the transfer of petroleum-based products such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and lubricants. Additionally, they are suitable for transferring chemicals, acids, and alkalis, making them versatile hoses for various industrial applications.

Tank truck hoses are essential equipment for the safe and efficient transfer of hazardous materials. Their durable construction, flexibility, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, and compliance with safety standards make them reliable and efficient tools for industries that deal with the transportation of petroleum-based products and chemicals. With their excellent performance and quality, tank truck hoses provide a reliable solution for efficiently moving liquids from tank trucks or trailers to their intended destinations.

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Product Paramenters

Product Code ID OD WP BP Weight Length
inch mm mm bar psi bar psi kg/m m
ET-MTTH-051 2" 51 63 10 150 30 450 1.64 60
ET-MTTH-064 2-1/2" 64 77 10 150 30 450 2.13 60
ET-MTTH-076 3" 76 89 10 150 30 450 2.76 60
ET-MTTH-089 3-1/2" 89 105 10 150 30 450 3.6 60
ET-MTTH-102 4" 102 116 10 150 30 450 4.03 60
ET-MTTH-127 5" 127 145 10 150 30 450 6.21 30
ET-MTTH-152 6" 152 171 10 150 30 450 7.25 30

Product Features

● Durable and Reliable: Ensures long-lasting performance

● Easy Installation: Quick and hassle-free setup

● Chemical and Abrasion Resistance: Suitable for hazardous materials

● Leak-Proof Connections: Prevents spills and environmental damage

● Temperature Resistant: Maintains integrity in extreme conditions

Product Applications

The Tank Truck Hose is an essential product for a wide range of applications. Its flexibility, durability, and high-quality construction make it ideal for industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and transportation. Whether it's transferring fuel, oil, or hazardous chemicals, the Tank Truck Hose delivers exceptional performance. Suitable for tanker trucks, depot installations, and refueling stations, this hose guarantees efficient and secure transfer of liquids.

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