Germany Type Hose Clamp

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The Germany Type Hose Clamp is a versatile and essential component used in various industries and applications. This clamp is specifically designed to secure hoses, pipes, and tubing to fittings and adapters, ensuring a leak-free and secure connection.

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Product Introduction

The Germany Type Hose Clamp is widely recognized for its durability, reliability, and ease of use. It is constructed from high-quality materials, typically consisting of stainless steel or carbon steel. This ensures its resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
One of the key features of the Germany Type Hose Clamp is its adjustable design. This allows for a customizable and precise fit, accommodating hoses and tubes of different sizes.

The Germany Type Hose Clamp is equipped with a screw mechanism that enables easy installation and removal. Its ergonomic design ensures a tight and secure grip, preventing any slippage or movement that could result in leaks or system failures. The excellent clamping force provided by this clamp ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection.

In addition to its functional attributes, the Germany Type Hose Clamp is also known for its aesthetic appeal. Its sleek and compact design allows for discreet installation and a clean overall appearance. This is particularly desirable in applications where aesthetics are important, such as in household systems or public spaces.

The Germany Type Hose Clamp is manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards to ensure consistent performance and reliability. It undergoes rigorous testing, including pressure and leakage tests, to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards. This makes it a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, the Germany Type Hose Clamp offers the advantage of being reusable. This allows for easy maintenance and replacement, reducing overall costs and waste. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled without compromising its integrity or effectiveness.

In conclusion, the Germany Type Hose Clamp is an indispensable component for securing hoses, pipes, and tubing in various applications. Its adjustable design, durable construction, and ease of use make it a reliable and versatile solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With its exceptional clamping force and leak-free performance, this clamp ensures the integrity and efficiency of fluid transfer systems.

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Product Paramenters

Size Bandwidth
8-12mm 9mm
10-16mm 9mm/12mm
12-20mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
16-25mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
20-32mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
25-40mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
32-50mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
40-60mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
50-70mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
60-80mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
70-90mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
80-100mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
90-110mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
100-120mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
110-130mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
120-140mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
130-150mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
140-160mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
150-170mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
160-180mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
170-190mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
180-200mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
190-210mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
200-220mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
210-230mm 9mm/12mm/14mm
230-250mm 9mm/12mm/14mm

Product Features

● High-quality stainless steel material

● Robust and reliable tightening mechanism

● Precise and uniform pressure distribution

● Suitable for a wide range of applications

● Resistant to vibration and temperature changes

Product Applications

The Germany Type Hose Clamp is widely used in various industries for securing hoses and pipes. Its sturdy and durable stainless steel construction ensures a reliable grip and prevents leakage even under high pressure. This versatile clamp is suitable for applications such as automotive, plumbing, agriculture, and industrial equipment. It provides a precise and uniform pressure distribution, ensuring a tight seal and preventing hose slippage or damage.

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